Our Main Services :

If you are looking for the highest quality sandblasting services, then Azhirak Energy Newsad Company is your best choice. The quality of our work, in all areas, is second to none. We provide specialist sandblasting and shot blasting services to clean virtually any surface. Whether you require metal parts cleaning or the facade of an offshore platform, our sandblasting services, delivers quality results every time. We have experience in blasting & painting on offshore platforms, onshore refinery, power plants, fuel depots and other civil engineering projects. Our full blasting & painting service includes planning, providing materials, personnel and project management.
In this regard, our main goal is to provide consistent, high-quality sandblasting and painting to our customers or clients and at the end, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our sandblasting services.
We have the equipment, the skill, and the professional staff to handle any job you need done. Our professional staff are well trained and are among the best in the area. Our technicians have the necessary expertise to take a rusted piece of equipment and restore it to its original state. We remove rust, grease, and oils from heavy-duty equipment using the proper tools for the job. We also prepare metal surfaces for professional-grade finishes, paint, and coatings. We can even provide the final painting in-house. Our expertise lies in knowing which sandblasting technique is best to get the job done right the first time. This means that when it comes to sandblasting, we really know our stuff and the results prove it.